Monday, June 26, 2006

The Balanced Rock Incident

Today’s plan was to go all the way from Beaver, Utah to Denver, Colorado. According to MapQuest, it was almost an eight hour journey.

Long trip, right?

I wanted to get to Denver in time for dinner with Aunt Susan, Cousin Hannah, and Cousin Carrie...BUT I didn’t want to drive all the way across Utah without checking out at least one National Park (because my parents and Ruth Fertig would be very mad at me).

So the plan was to wake up early. Dine at the Garden of Eat’n again. And then halfway between Beaver and Denver...stop off at Arches National Park to check out the “impossible” rock formations.

And that’s what we did.

But here’s the thing about Arches National Park’s “impossible” rock formations…when they don’t look like this:

They look like this:

Since I am my father’s son (and since I also have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy), I made Jeff take a picture of me lying in front of the “Balanced Rock” formation.

Hilarious, right?

There were people around and it took a bit of coaxing on my part to get Jeff to take my picture in such a compromising position in a national park...but I still got him to do it.

And then…I made Jeff do the same thing.

And even though he complained about it the entire time, Jeff’s picture turned out a hundred times better than mine...because of his genius improv to position his hand just so.

Why would Jeff do something like that? Especially when he was acting like a demure debutante?

Because he “wanted to sell it.” (Those are his words…not mine.)

We also took some normal pictures of us in front of the Balanced Rock “for the kids”...

...but I prefer the ones of us lying down.


St. Thomas said...

Jeff is just mad because you thought of it first

bookie! said... are BOTH hot BLAZIN' ghetto messes!