Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Ain't No Halo-Halo-Back Gurl!

So last night after catching a performance of "Happy Days : A Family Musical!" (starring Joey McIntyre as the Fonz)...Jeff, Adam, and I felt slightly unfulfilled.

So we went to Jollibee...where I made a giant pre-road trip faux pas.

I ordered the "Halo-Halo Supreme," which was supposed to look like this...

Instead, it kind of looked like this...

...only more gloppy and congealed.

I should have known I was asking for trouble when the lovely young lady behind the counter corrected me when I ordered the HAY-LO HAY-LO.

She asked, "Do you mean the HOL-LOW HOL-LOW Supreme?"

I nodded my head.

Two minutes later, a boy with a very wispy mustache set a bowl filled with glop on the counter and asked, "How does this look?"

I didn't want to be rude, so I said, "Looks great!"

While Jeff and Adam were busy ordering their Chickenjoy and French Fries, I sat down at a table and began inspecting my purchase.

The Halo-Halo Supreme supposedly features 16 heavenly ingredients. I'm not sure I could name all 16 ingredients myself, but I'm pretty sure they include some sort of ice cream, some sort of custard, some candied bits of coconut, candied chickpeas, and slices of an old frozen banana.

This cornucopia of delights tops a bed of shaved ice that is sitting in a pool of a mysterious white creamy sweet sauce.

At first, I was totally enjoying the Halo Halo Supreme. I couldn't eat it fast enough. It was sweet and delicious. Jeff and Adam even enjoyed a bit.

Then I got down to the shaved ice and creamy sweet sauce.

And I ate it.

Almost all of it.

I'm not sure what happened next, but I'm pretty sure that I turned a lovely shade of purple (just like the ice cream) and spent the next hour "hanging out" in my bathroom.'s a pre-road trip tip for you all...

If you go to Jollibee...the night before departing on a road trip...don't order Halo Halo Supreme.

It will only make you bananas.

* * *

Despite all this, we still met up with Adam at Jollibee this morning for our final pre-road trip meal.

We had a bucket of Chickenjoy for breakfast.

With a side of gravy.

It was delicious.


Mandel said...

My mom can make you halo halo that won't make you sick

Toni said...

shit, even East Coast Sitoy will not consume the hollow-hollow bc the milk makes her bad-ass gassy to the max! good grief, i am still somewhat miffed that you ventured into a filipino eatery without consulting me!!!!!

Toni said...

P.S. the purple ice-cream, or any flip delicacy that is the color purple, is actually some asian fruit nastiness known as UBE (pronounced OOOH-bee), and E.C. Sitoy will not consume any form of the ube, life-or-death situations notwithstanding.

bookie! said...

That purple drink was so f'ing food! I can't wait to go back and get another one!! And get a yumburger!

bookie! said...

oops..meant it was so f'ing good! haha

Littlest Ru said...

yumburgers should be called cumburgers!!!