Friday, June 30, 2006

Juicy Gatorjoy!

Jeff and I were having such a wonderful time in Denver that we didn't want to leave...but we had to...because New Mexico was calling our name...or something.

Aunt Susan, Uncle Larry, Cousin Hannah, and Cousin Carrie -- Thanks again for being the best relatives ever!

So...after a lovely breakfast with Aunt Susie...Jeff and I hit the road, going south toward New Mexico. Thanks to Uncle Larry, we had a couple of places to check out along the way.

Including the Colorado Gator Farm...which was ridiculous.

All of the caution signs made me a bit uneasy...but Jeff and I had a we had to go in.

After paying some nice old lady 16 dollars, Jeff and I walked into a giant room filled with snakes and tiny baby alligators. There were also three kids between the ages of eleven and fifteen that were working the front of the room.

A father/daughter pair stood ahead of us in line.

The fifteen year old boy/Gator Farm Employee tried to get the girl to hold a baby alligator.

She wouldn't.

Her father tried to push her to at least touch it.

Screaming, whining, and psychological damage ensued.

Eventually, the father gave up.

And then, it was our turn.

I wasn't too keen on the idea of holding an alligator in my bare hands...but I wasn't going to let myself turn into a screaming twelve year old girl.

At least not this time.

So I put on my happy face on and held the alligator.

So did Jeff.

And we got certificates for our bravery...

...which were notarized by the baby alligator.

The Gator Farm also features a variety of other exotic animals, including giant snakes.

Slightly smaller snakes.

Two African Grey Parrots...

...that acted like Albert's genetically inferior nephews.

A stray kitty.

And a giant turtle that moves faster than Jeff.

Did I mention the gators?

There were a lot of them.

And they seemed a little hungry.

After checking out the gators, we walked into another barn-like structure that was filled with giant tanks of fish.

It turns out that the Gator Farm originally started out as a Tilapia farm. The owners bought a couple of gators to eat the unusable fish, but before long...people started coming out to the the middle of nowhere Colorado...just to see the gators.


The gators were very scary.

But you wanna know what is scarier?

A hungry ostrich.


I didn't care for the bird at all.

It might have been a little snappy.

And not in a good way.

The emu was a little nicer.

But only a little.

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MOM said...

I am too intimidated by your cleverness to post anything. I can only say that reading your blog is the highlight of my day!