Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rocky Mountain Hi-larity

Here's the thing...

I apparently don't do well at high altitudes. The last time I was in Denver (about ten years ago)...I had problems.

And now...I'm having problems again.

I might be a little lightheaded, spacey, and headache-y.

In other words, I'm in no shape to blog.

But before I retire...I want to share an adventure Jeff and I had with the cousins last night.

We took the sweetest dog in the world (Ki Robbins) on a walk around the neighborhood and came across a lookout point in the park.

It was very pretty.

It was a beautiful moment for us all...until I "discovered" the sundial.

And then...I experienced the worst form of peer pressure known to mankind: "cousin pressure."

They told me that I needed to climb the sundial.

And so I did.

Hilarity ensued.

And then, we tried to get Jeff to do the same...but he acted like a blushing bride...and would barely touch the thing.

But I suspect that deep the dark recesses of his heart...

...Jeff enjoyed the sundial a little TOO much.

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Zak said...

I don't think DJ was as shy with the wooden penis in the office...