Sunday, June 25, 2006

Three Diamonds up the Pooper!

FYI: AAA gave Best Western - Paradise Inn -- THREE DIAMONDS!

Beck's Motor Lodge (aka: Gay Sex Motel from last year's road trip incident) only got TWO diamonds!


Bookie! said...

GURRRRRRRRRL...I hope Jeff brought his nose strips. If not, maybe there's a CVS you can stop at and buy some.

Erin said...

Are they sure it wasn't just a Snickers or Baby Ruth? Cause one time, I was working at this country club during the summer and that happened.

Rachel said...

You guys made me POOP my pants!!!
I literally am wiping away the tears and the poo after reading these entries. Well done, my sweet, sweet crazy boys!! By the way, Browse is not as cool as "Between, Georgia."