Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why Carjoy?

A few months ago, I was driving down Beverly towards my place in Silver Lake and I noticed that a new fast-food type place had opened...called "Jollibee."

The fact that there was a new and different fast-food type place opening in LA isn't all that exciting. There are hundreds of them all over the greater Los Angeles area and I haven't been interested in trying any of them.

Until Jollibee came along.

Why is Jollibee so enticing?

Because of the following sign...

Who wouldn't want to try a JUICY YUMBURGER?

What about some CRISPY CHICKENJOY?

I was desperate to go, but I couldn't convince the older sister to come with.

So I remained a Jollibee virgin...until two weeks ago...when Jeff agreed to join me in a Jollibee adventure. The little sister was also in the car at the she was forced to come along too. Against her will.

We all tried the juicy Yumburger...

...which ended up not being very juicy at all.

It tasted like reheated meatloaf.

But who cares about taste?

Especially when you have products with names like Yumburger, Chickenjoy, and Jolly Hot Dog?

Jeff and I were convinced that our new road trip blog had to based around the wonders of Chickenjoy (something that we hadn't even tasted yet) we decided that our new road trip blog had to be named: "CARJOY"

* * *

Want MORE Jollibee joy?

Check out this genius commercial...

Who serves spaghetti as a side dish?

Jollibee does!

For more on the origins of Jollibee (it's bigger than McDonald's in the Philippines), CLICK HERE.

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Toni said...

OMG you guys. Filipino Fast-Food. I can't believe you actually went. WHAT A GAS! Were they serving McSpaghetti? or Burgers covered in hard-boiled eggs and pickled anchovies?? (OK, I made that up.) Something tells me you pair are secretly jonesing to be Filipino. I can't blame youse.