Sunday, July 02, 2006

I want to marry an alien princess!

After we finally escaped Santa Fe, Jeff and I made our way to Roswell. On the ride down, I looked in one of the twenty travel books I brought and discovered that the first weekend in July...Roswell has a UFO Festival.

And we were going to be there.

Jeff was very excited. I was a little scared.

Once we arrived in Roswell, Jeff and I stopped off at the "Nothin' Fancy Cafe," which was definitely not fancy. In fact, it was nothing short of bland and boring.

We then made our way to downtown Roswell...where the UFO Festival was "raging."

We checked out the International UFO Museum and Research Center (It's International!).

It was all a little much for me to take in...since I am highly skeptical about the whole Roswell fiasco. I find the whole bit about as believable as the idea that Halo-Halo is delicious.

The layout of the museum, which consisted of photocopies newspaper articles and badly written email testimonials, didn't really do much to sway me in the other direction.

Post-museum time consisted of us wandering the streets and going into every ridiculous alien souvenir shop in town.

I was about ready to get the heck out of Roswell, when we looked at our UFO Festival programs and discovered that there was a Costume Contest in front of the Museum at 6:30pm.

How could we NOT go?

So we went.

Before the contest began, I saw two little people wandering around in very strange alien costumes. It looked like they stuck two giant lampshades together and then added googly eyes.

I wasn't all that impressed.

Intrigued? Yes.

Impressed? No.

In fact, I was more fascinated with Jeff's new girlfriend, Norma, an alien flower lady riding a Jazzy.

But then...the costume contest began.

Big freaks and little freaks paraded around.

And then the googly eyed lampshade little people came out.

And then, this happened...

Not sure what is going on?

Try watching this...

That's right.

The googly eyed lampshade little people were actually alien princesses in disguise! The top half of their costume flipped down to reveal two perfectly made up little tweenagers.

I was in love.

I didn't care about any of the other alien costumes. All I wanted to do was take pictures of my alien princesses.

So I did...

I know. I'm a giant homo for loving princesses...but I couldn't stop myself. They were just so ridiculously perfect.

And I loved the fact that these two cute little girls were hanging out around Star Trek freaks and conspiracy nuts.

Not only were they cute. They were cool!

Eventually, the costume contest winners were announced. And my princesses were among them.

It's a good thing they won...because if they didn't...I would have ended up whining about it all night...and then, Jeff would have stabbed me.

There would be no more Carjoy. Only Carhate.

But that didn't happen.

My alien princesses were winners!

Once the contest wrapped up, we were allowed to approach the winners and take pictures with them.

After three long panic attack inducing minutes, I finally mustered the courage to go up to the alien princesses.

I don't think I've ever been happier.

OK. Maybe I don't want to marry an alien princess...I think I want to BE one.

Don't you?

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darksoul said...

I found this by accident, I live in roswell and I can tell you this it sucks balls living here. The only alliens here come from Mexico and work in the feilds. I am proud that this is just where my house is located and where I shower, sleep and change. If you ever have a chance to come threw here again I think you should think about killing yourself as an option.