Monday, July 03, 2006

Ode To The B-Line

(Apologies to Rosie)

yesterday we went
to the b-line in tucson
i'd been there before

they have the best pie
i have ever tasted. yeah.
couldn't wait for it

got there at dinner
ordered tuna sandwiches
they were delicious

it was then time for
the best pie in the whole world
was ready to jizz

what pie to order
oh so many to choose from
pick berry and apple

time to eat and eat
jeff thought i was crazy boy
yeah. crazy for pie.

oh sweet joy and bliss
thank heavens for b-line pie
one of god's great gifts

i might have let jeff
consume some yummy pie too
i think he liked it

jeff is the best friend
a homo blog boy could ask
for. seriously.

he came to tucson
just so i could have some pie
isn't he the best

post pie bliss was sweet
my stomach and taste buds happy
jeff and jon happy too

the cute boy that used
to work at the b-line place
nowhere to be seen

his name was josh and
i used to make google eyes
at him with my buds

but today there was
new boy in bandana
didn't get his name

i did stare a lot
at him. i even got his
picture. secretly.

it was time to go
do i get more pie to take
with us on the road

of course i said yes
but which yum pie to choose from
had to pick right one

chose the cherry pie
thought it might be a good snack
one for late night eat

this is me outside
best place on earth for piejoy
was just so happy

there was talk after
to venture to the gay bar
across the big street

don't make me go jeff
IBTs is the worst place
to go post piejoy

we drove to phoenix
we went out with jeff's old friend
to gay bar in town

i was just so glad
that i didn't have to go
to that bad bad bar

post bar went to room
where we ate and ate and ate
plenty of junk food

we also ate that pie
so delicious going down
dropped some on the floor

question of the night
does cherry pie stain come out
we hope that it does

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your epic poem skills rival that of Gothe and Milton. Though, you have yet to create a compelling Lucifer/Mephostophoies character. Unless you count New Mexico as a whole. Or possibly that mean Ostrich.--Davy with the Crotch