Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day Five : Denver, CO to Taos, NM

Mile 1104.8 -- Bye Denver! Bye Aunt Susan! Bye Uncle Larry! Bye Cousin Carrie! Bye Cousin Hannah! Bye Albert! Bye Jinx! Bye Ki!

Thanks again for everything!

Mile 1106.3 -- Gas Station Stop. Gas is only $2.879 here. Hi...somehow that is cheap.

Mile 1108.8 -- We drive by "Most Precious Blood Catholic Church." We don't stop.

Mile 1127.5 -- Jon totally misses taking the picture of the "Tiny Town" sign. It was VERY small!

Mile 1134.0 -- Syphie enjoys the gorgeous view of the Rockies.

Mile 1135.5 -- What exactly is "Loaf-N-Jug?"

And why aren't we stopping?

Mile 1135.6 -- Boo! Road Work again!

Mile 1137.8 -- We're F-ed! The road we need to be on is closed and now we are on a detour. Ugh.

Mile 1138.6 -- Yay! Back on Track...except that the right lane is closed. Again.

Mile 1147.7 -- Why is there a stoplight in the middle of the highway? Clearly...we are taking the "scenic" route.

Mile 1159.9 -- Is that Jesus...up there on that hill?

No! It's Santa Maria!

Mile 1166.2 -- Ahhhh! Rain! At least Jeff's windshield wipers are working this year.

Mile 1170.8 -- Jollibee enjoys the view.

Mile 1181.6 -- We're in South Park!

There is nothing here.

Mile 1188.2 -- We spot the first two houses in South Park.

And then...more nothing.

Mile 1188.9 -- We're finally in South Park proper, yo!

Mile 1189.3 -- Potty break in South Park. Followed by Fiddle Faddle disaster.

Mile 1233.4 -- "Counting Blue Cars" plays on the iPod. Jeff points out that his car is blue. Jon dies a little...on the inside.

Mile 1233.9 -- Jeff makes a valiant attempt to pass a giant tractor-trailer. Both Jeff and Jon decide that they hate one lane highways.

Mile 1245.5 -- We pass a restaurant that advertises "very AUTHENTIC Thai Food" in Poncha Springs. We don't stop.

Mile 1245.8 -- We finally find a place that is scarier than Pork Barrel. "GRIMO'S." Jeff decides that their slogan should be: "Someone Pooped In It."

Mile 1249.7 -- We almost die. Again.

Mile 1282.2 -- Hi...we are in the middle of nowhere. And hungry. Again.

Mile 1285.2 -- Jeff reasons that we should go to Crestone to eat. Crestone is a weird hippie town Uncle Larry told us about. Hopefully, this town has hippies that eat.

Mile 1292.7 -- It's raining in Crestone...but we still haven't found food.

Mile 1293.7 -- An actual tumbleweed rolls in front of the car. Seriously. We are going to die here.

Mile 1296.3 -- We pass a sign that declares that Crestone is a "No Shooting Area." What a relief!

Mile 1297.5 -- We finally find the one restaurant in Crestone. "The Desert Sage Restaurant."

And guess what?

It's closed.


Mile 1297.9 -- Giving up the search in Crestone. Off to find the Sand Dunes.

Mile 1307.9 -- Jon is so hungry that he has been reduced to suckling Bessie for sustenance.

Mile 1309.7 -- Back on Track. Worst. Sidetrack. Ever.

Mile 1323.9 -- We pass by a "UFO Watchtower." We don't stop.

Mile 1329.7 -- Gators!

Mile 1330.9 -- Jeff and Jon are so hungry they resort to eating Mentos Sours.

Mile 1352.2 -- Hi...this is the end. God hates the homos and so we are going to starve to death.

Mile 1352.6
-- Real food at the Great Sand Dunes Oasis!

Maybe God doesn't hate us after all.

Mile 1356.9 -- Great Sand Dune Fun!

Mile 1378.9 -- It's a rainbow!

God loves the Gays!

Mile 1382.5 -- We're in Blanca!

Paid for by Blanca Olar, Treasurer.

Mile 1387.6 -- Only 78 more miles to Taos!

Mile 1420.9 -- We're in New Mexico!

Jeff and Jon are VERY enchanted.

Mile 1439.1 -- As we drive through Qwesta, Jeff announces that he hopes we find the "Trutha" here. Jon hope to find Jeff a ball-gag-a here.

Mile 1464.9
-- We're in Historic Taos. It's very cute. And historic!

Mile 1469.1 -- We check in at Taos Budget Host Inn.

It's very fancy here.

Their toilets are sanitary for our protection!

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