Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Which Ones are the Animals?

After driving over a thousand miles in two days, Jon and I are spending some quality time in Denver with his family.

We took a brief tour of downtown Denver, where music literally rises from the sidewalks. As we were walking around, someone was playing music underground--possibly in the sewer system--and the dulcet tones emanated from the grates in the cement. Not a bad day.

We also came across a bar that apparently offers deep, philosphical questions to its patrons:

Why indeed?

After getting back to the house, Jon and I decided that we were going to hang out with the family pets for a while...unfortunately for them. Jon watched as Hannah let their cockatiel Jinx perch on her finger, and decided to do the same--with somewhat mixed results.

Then we tried to play with Albert, the ornery parrot. When he's not tormenting the dog and throwing his food-pellets around, Albert often likes to bow his head to entice you to pet him. Then his eyes dilate and he tries to bite you. Little bastard. When he's not trying to hurt you, he will dance. Apparently, however, he will not do so when a camera is on him:

Jon and his cousins are now apparently having some sort of impromptu costume party. . .




Frontin' Cousins

...so I'm going to join the fray! See ya!



Rachel said...

Whaaaaaa...I wanna play dress-ups with my cousins!!!!! They love me just as much as they love you! Right, Jonathan????

Shelley Goff said...

I once was driving through Chillicothe, Ohio, and I saw a sign for body shop that said "We have price, convenience, and most of our teeth."

bookie! said...

GURL...I CAN'T believe you called the BIRD a blazin' ghetto mess!!