Friday, June 30, 2006

Day Six: Taos, NM to Santa Fe, NM

Mile 1482.7 -- Jon loses the keys to the Turquoise Bullet immediately after unlocking the door. (Hi, they're in the door still.)

Mile 1482.75 -- We're in traffic. In Taos.

Mile 1486.1 -- Jon discovers Great Sand Dune deposits in his gum--the was still in the wrapper.

Mile 1488.4 -- 63 Miles to Santa Fe!

Mile 1512.8 -- Caution: Mountain Poop ahead.

Mile 1519.2 -- Attack of the Tumbleweeds. Hi, one almost hit the Turquoise Bullet.

Mile 1523.2 -- Jon's going to Comedy Jail. I don't think I have to tell you why:

Mile 1528.7 They have a Water Store here. Because that's what you need.

Mile 1529.6 -- We see Osama Bin Laden coming out of the Oasis Cyber Cafe. We don't stop.

Mile 1535.3 -- Jon talks about sex, baby.

Mile 1540.3 -- We can't spell anything around here.

Mile 1548.7 -- As we approach Santa Fe, it begins to rain. Of course it does.

Mile 1551.9 -- We accidentally get off the freeway. Somewhere.

Mile 1552.6 -- Back on track!

Mile 1555.2 -- Our first gay sighting!

Mile 1557.9 - Luxury Inn in Santa Fe!!!

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