Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's International!

Today was our last full day in Denver. Sad for us, but the Robbins family pets will likely heave a collective sigh of relief. To start the day, Carrie took Jon and I for a walk. Well, I suppose technically she was taking Ki for a walk, but she probably should have kept both of us on a leash as well.


As a reward for Ki's good behavior on the walk, we took her to the Three Dog Bakery: The Bakery for Dogs!

Ki got some yummy treats, but Jon and I were not rewarded. (Although we did sneak some peanut butter dog biscuits when we got home. They were a little dry.) After snack-time, Carrie had to rush off to a French horn lesson, so Jon and I accompanied (stalked) her to the Denver University campus. While she was in class, Jon and I dined at "Mustard's Last Stand," a hot dog joint located right smack in the middle of Comedy Jail.

Mustards last stand signage
They also had the best poster I have ever seen:

Elevated YumMeat!

After lunch, we wandered the campus a bit and headed back to Carrie's music building, where the International Tuba Convention was being held. Keep in mind, this isn't just your typical workaday run-of-the-mill local tuba convention. It's International!!! Six Hundred Tuba players from all across the globe all converged in one convenient location!


Carrie was kind enough to show us around to the various exhibits... Some of whom had t-shirts for sale, hilariously depicting the Evolution of Man, with a representative from each stage of mankind holding a different brass instrument-eventually standing upright with a tuba! Did I mention it's an international Tuba Convention?

Simply incredible. There was also a gentleman on the elevator with us standing facing the corner, blowing into a mouthpiece. (Please be aware, there was no tuba, international or otherwise, attached.) After withstanding more than our share of dirty looks from the tuba-ists (partly for taking a few photos, but mostly for not being "with the tuba.") we made a swift exit.
When we got back to Susan and Larry's place, we discovered Bessie the Cow and Syphie had been feeling neglected, and decided to wreak some havoc on their own.


As you can see, while Syphie succeeded in annoying Jinx, Bessie the Cow was unceremoniously attacked. (She might have deserved it.) Once we cleaned the feathers up (again), Larry and Carrie took Jon and I to the Bodyworks 2 exhibit. (See Jon's post!). After the exhibit, the animal kingdom decided to exact their revenge on us, and Jon and I were mauled & eaten by wolves. Right outside of the Museum! Honest!!


JonDriver looking on in abject horror as he tries to fight Wolfburger off with his own legsad.

See you tomorrow! We're going to New Mexico!


Jons baby cousin Hannah said...

Sure looks like I missed out on some real fun! Dog food, hot dogs, tubas, and dead people... what else could anyone ask for in a day?!?!?!

(When are you going to post the brushy-brus?)

Anonymous said...

I think the low oxygen atmosphere has finally taken its toll on you two...
-Davy with the Crotch