Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day Seven : Santa Fe, NM to Roswell, NM

Mile 1590.4 -- Bye Luxury Inn!

Mile 1592.4 -- Souper! Salad!

Eh! Eh! Eh!

Mile 1593.1 -- F*cking Hava Java.

Mile 1593.2 -- We ask a postman for suggestions about where to eat breakfast. He suggests Carl's Jr, but then remembers that they stop serving breakfast at 11 am. Worst. Postman. Ever.

Mile 1594.4 -- Abandoned all hope. Venturing towards downtown Santa Fe.

Mile 1595.9 -- With the discovery of Dunkin' Donuts, Jeff doesn't hate Santa Fe as much as he used to.

Mile 1596.0 -- Back on the Roswell!

Mile 1600.2 -- We have left Santa Fe behind. Thank G-d.

Mile 1601.8 -- We see a sign that tells us how man kilometers it is to Las Vegas, New Mexico. New Mexico uses the metric system? Ofcoursetheydo.

Mile 1614.3 -- We pass a sign for " New Mexico Girls Ranch." We don't stop.

Mile 1631.9 -- Someone else's car appears to be exploding.

Mile 1649.0 -- 140 Miles to Roswell!

Mile 1659.4 -- Bessie declares that she can't wait to get the heck out of New Mexico.

Mile 1668.8 -- No Cell service on the road to Roswell. Jon blames the aliens.

Mile 1692.4 -- We drive through Vaughn.

It's Crazytown here.

They buy rocks and things in Vaughn!

Mile 1713.0 -- Jeff is bored. And driving.

Hi...that's a very dangerous combination.

Mile 1732.9 -- Still in the middle of nowhere.

It might be a little boring here.

Mile 1747.4 -- Only 40 miles to Roswell!

Mile 1750.3 -- We pass a sign for Billy the Kid's grave. We don't stop. Billy Joel fans everywhere scream in disappointment.

Mile 1755.2 -- The singing every song like Fred Schneider bit makes a comeback!

Mile 1766.9 -- Gay Boyfriend sing-a-long time!

Mile 1769.6 -- Friends become enemies.

Enemies friends.

Mile 1782.6 -- Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico! It's the Dairy Capitol of the Southwest!

Mile 1784.6 -- Larry's Discount Gun Shop!

For all of your discount gun needs!

Mile 1785.2 -- Lunchtime at the "Nuthin' Fancy" Cafe!

It's home cooking...without the mess! Or the taste!

Mile 1787.2 -- We're in Downtown Roswell.

Send help.

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