Thursday, July 06, 2006

Right Back Where We Started From

It's been a looooong ten days. (Has it really only been ten days?) Our final day of Carjoy was spent in luxury on Tuesday, 7/4 at the lovely Miramonte Spa and Resort--a far cry, to be sure, from the Best Western in Beaver, Utah, where, on Day One, someone pooped in the pool.

I feel like I've lived through four centuries since that episode.

Anyway, this was my first spa experience, and one that was definitely welcome after sitting in the Turquoise Bullet for over 2600 miles.

Jon and Jeff with special Carjoy guests: Keith and Brad!
Keith and Brad joined Jon and I on this final leg of our journey. After waking up from the most restful night of sleep I think Ive ever had (Jon mentioned the beds already...but seriously, they were ridiculously comfortable...) we all went to the Well Spa and began swimming and sunning.

Jollibee relaxes, but doesn't like to get his hat wet. . .


Even my phone decided to take a swim in the pool! (OK, maybe that was my fault. But come on--I had just spent ten days in a car!) Otherwise, the spa day was amazing.

We all took a dip in the pools, suffocated in the steam room, and then we each got a massage. I treated myself a hot cobblestone treatment, where I was hoping that they'd just throw rocks at me until I was dead. However, they simply heated up the rocks until they were molten lava and then rubbed them all over me. It felt much better than it sounds, and once the burns heal I'm sure to feel very relaxed.

Ok, it actually felt really, really good. I'm just annoyed that my masseuse was gabbing with the masseuse that Keith, Brad and Jon all had...and told her that I might be a little ticklish. Their massuese came out and immediately shared that information with them. Giggling (on their part) ensued. My relaxation was short-lived, to be sure.

I'd have called to complain, but as it turns out, when you swim with your phone, it stops working. Stupid razr.

Anyway, after a (nearly) stress-free day, Jon and I drove the last 100+ miles back to LA's own Jollibee to officially finish off Carjoy, 2006, just the way we started--albeit a little more haggard after driving approximately 2,777 miles.

Thanks for paying attention to Carjoy! Hope you had half as fun reading it as Jon and I had living it. (Well, most of it, anyway...)

See you at Jollibee!

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Jbjmoore said...

You guys are to funny!! I thouroughly enjoyed reading this blog and your last road trip as well, Please keep up the blogging!!!!!