Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day Ten : Indian Wells, CA to Los Angeles, CA

Mile 2647.1 -- Sadly...we are leaving the beautiful and relaxing Miramonte Resort and Spa behind! Seeya!

Mile 2647.9 -- Gas Station Stop. Jon gets harassed by a homeless guy. They get into a fight. Miraculously, Jon wins.

Mile 2666.9 -- Race against the clock time! It's 110 miles to Los Angeles. And it's almost 9 pm. And Jollibee closes at 10:30 pm (just like all of stupidNewMexico)! AHHHHH!

Mile 2670.0 -- The Lactaid/Gas-X cocktail fails to save Jeff from Jon's "dairy" issues. Bessie the cow refuses to take responsibility.

Mile 2674.9 -- We pass a sign that tells us that Riverside is in 45 miles. There is no mention of Los Angeles.

How is that helpful to anyone???

Mile 2685.7 -- Only 89 miles to Los Angeles?

Will we make it?

Only time will tell...

Mile 2685.8 -- Waaaaooo! Two sets of Fireworks! On either side of the highway!

Mile 2698.5 -- Traffic Jam! For no reason!


There is no time for stopping everyone!

No time!

Mile 2710.7 -- Fireworks are everywhere!

Mile 2723.7 -- Since Mama Ru loved it so much the first time, here is a reprise of "Gay Boyfriend."

Mile 2731.8 -- Gayest. iPod. Ever.

Jon tries to "educate" Jeff on musical theater...by playing "Liza with a Z."

Jeff insists on being the...worst. student. ever.

Mile 2739.3 -- BOAM!

Mile 2763.5 -- Fireworks are all over the place right now! Seriously!

I don't know if you've heard...but it's the Fourth of July!

Happy American Pride everyone!

Mile 2767.5 -- Another Traffic Jam! AHHHH! We're not going to make it to Jollibee in time for Crispy Chickenjoy! OR Juicy Yumburgers!

Mile 2770.5 -- We're on the 101! We're almost there! Maybe we will make it after all!

Mile 2776.1 -- We're ALMOST almost there! But is it in time?

Mile 2776.8 -- Ten Days later...we arrive at Jollibee.

Bookie is already there drinking his purple Ube Pearl Cooler.


And guess what?

Just like the entire state of New Mexico (and/or New Jersey), Jollibee is closed.

BUT that doesn't stop us from taking a Carjoy family photo with Grandfather Jollibee!

Happy Carjoy everyone!

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