Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Mexico? More like BOO Mexico!

Sorry for our lack of updates. We've been too busy celebrating the fact that we made it out of New Mexico (realatively) unscathed.

Upon arriving in Phoenix on Sunday night, Jon and I met up with my friend Amy and her fiancee Brian. I've known Amy since I was in High School, and had a job working in Wildwood, NJ at an arcade. They met us at a gay bar called Amsterdam in downtown Phoenix...mere blocks from the Ramada we were staying.

Jeffjoy and AmyLove

Now with Brian!

I was sad to discover the bar was having a kareoke night. Blam! Brian got up to sing, and once he finished, our party moved to the outdoor area so that we could talk in peace. Amy and I had fun reminiscing about our past, and caught up with each other's presents. Of course, my favorite part was when she figured out I was gay--the photos of Jon and I at the rocks in Utah were the first thing to tip her off, apparently.

Keep in mind, we haven't seen each other in a verylong time.

Amy was sweet as pie, just how I remember. And since Jon and I were verybusy celebrating the fact that we were out of New Mexico, the liquor flowed...although there was one sculpture there that reminded us of The Land of Enchantment:

"Half a Man" can be yours...for only three thousand dollars.

Nothanks. Perhaps New Mexico can add it to its fine collection of street art:


I know I've been raging against New Mexico for the better part of Carjoy, but I honestly believe that you need to know the dangers that lie in New Mexico for you.

1. There is NO. FOOD. ANYWHERE.


And even if there is a rumor of's likely closed...

...or you don't want to eat there.

Even when you find food, it's mutated and inedible.

2. Generally speaking, New Mexico is beatiful. But looks will only get you so far. It's what's on the inside that counts:

Bear in mind, we were on the "scenic route" through New Mexico. . .

State motto of New Mexico:

Foolish things such as. . .

...writing on top of a mountain. I don't know what it means. But it's probably from someone message from someone who tried to escape from New Mexico. Clearly, he's long dead. Or perhaps its an alien communication! Either way, we didn't stick around to find out.

Then there's the people of New Mexico. I'm sure most of them are verynice...however, they have very unique ways of transporting themselves. . .

CrispyBike built for three--towing a baby carriage. SafeFun!

They still ride horses here. Ofcoursetheydo.

I could go on. . .
and on. . .

...and on. . .

...about New Mexico. But there's other, more important stuff to write about. Besides...I think I've made my point.

But if U want 2 buy property in the Land of Enchantment. . .

Go 4 it!

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