Saturday, July 01, 2006

Munchkinland (formerly: The Land of (Dis)Enchantment)

I'm not gonna lie. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was stop screaming. The second thing I did when I woke up this morning was wish I wasn't in Santa Fe.

It's not that we didn't wind up having a great time last night with the lovely loaves....It's just that it was an extraordinarily difficult ride to get there...and Santa Fe certainly did everything it could to prevent it from happening.

We missed the continental breakfast at the hotel (which ended at NINE AM...Because THAT's when people are awake and ready to go on an F'ing Saturday F'ing morning) so we once again found ourselves sans food. The woman at the front desk offered up some prepackaged blueberry muffins, but to hell with that. We needed real food. By the time we showered and dressed it was just after 11AM.

In the real world, we'd be able to find a place with no problem. However, we're in New Mexico. And like most other sequels, it sucks. Hard. We drove around looking for Hava Java, which, as Jon reported earlier, was a disaster.

In that very parking lot where the former Fotomat-turned-micro-coffee-house was, I asked the mailman if he could help us find a place for breakfast. "Breakfast? This late?" I nearly jumped out of my car and throttled him.



And I might have been a little hungry. Anyway, he told us that the Carl's Jr (a west coast fast food chain) stopped serving breakfast at 11, and he couldn't think of ANYplace that would serve breakfast at this ungodly hour.

My hatred for Santa Fe grew exponentially. Jon and I continued to drive down the road and decided that the only real chance we had for breakfast was to go back into the downtown area where everything was sure to be closed already since it was after 6:30AM but before 5PM.

Hi, why is everything only open for a half o'clock in Santa Fe?

Anyway, just as tensions were beginning to rise...up like a phoenix it arose. The sign I had so desperately looked for on our last road trip. The sign I grew up loving. The sign that California has none of. The sign that there is, indeed, a God--and that he has not forsaken us:

I couldn't believe it! A Dunkin' Donuts! AND it is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. IN SANTA EFFING FE. Take that stupid lame Dippin' Donuts in Oregon!

Clearly we stopped. And clearly, my hatred of Santa Fe dwindled. But only a little.
Caution: HotCoffeeJoy!

Delicious CoffeeJoy!

After bloggin' and dunkin', we sped out of town as fast as we could...neglecting the need for gas. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that we were out of Santa Fe--never to return!

And THEN we went to Roswell and achieved Maximum Craz-E-Ness.

Suffice it to say, whatever was going on in Roswell distracted us enough that we're officially staying the night. You'll read all about Roswell next time on Carjoy--assuming I don't get my memories of Roswell wiped out while I'm asleep.

Also, I'm hoping there won't be any anal probes to speak of in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed!


Rachel said...

You BEST be bringing me some of that dunkindonutjoy!!! HOW DARE THEY HAVE A DUNKIN' DONUTS IN NEW MEXICO, BUT NOT IN CALIFORNIA???? There should be a law against that kind of discrimination. I'm proposing one right now.

Randy said...

HA! Santa EFFING Fe indeed. This town is weird. An LA transplant I'm stuck here this summer with the opera and know all of the places mentioned in your entry. The Hava Java, the Carls Jr., the Dunkin' Donuts, and I too have asked the question why is every place open from 6:30-10:30 AM only to reopened at 5:30 for dinner. Hopefully Roswell will be better, but from the look of the photo, it's going to be more "enchantment."